I am an international entrepreneur, investor, speaker, visionary author, strategist and creator.

I have been the confidant, trusted advisor, and champion of choice for hundreds of leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, investors and families as an Air Force officer, business consultant, and life coach.  Tucker Strategic represents the culmination of all of my professional experiences and gained skills and abilities up to this moment.

Over the past 13 years, my gift for helping leaders dream bigger, more impactful dreams, develop the plans needed to make these dreams possible, then working side-by-side with them to provide the high-level coaching, creativity, and hands-on support to bring these dreams to life has enriched the lives of my clients and mine as well.  My work has taken me to Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, China, and Germany. It has allowed me to share stages with many of the brightest minds of our time. I am both humbled and grateful for these experiences.

I am most passionate about supporting visionary leaders who’s businesses, inventions, investments and ideas today are creating a brighter future for tomorrow.  For this reason, I only make my gift available to leaders or families that exhibit these qualities.

I have an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina and a Master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. I have been married for over a decade and value my family, the human family, and our planet deeply.  I look forward to creating the future with you!

Yours Truly,

Michael Tucker