Health Products Distributors International, Tucker Strategic Consulting

Business Development & Integrated Marketing Strategy

Client: Family owned Nutritional Supplement Company

Project Objective: Increase reorder rates, overall sales volume and customer retention

Start to Result Time: 18 Months

Solution: After a few meetings with owner, key staff and family members, my team and I completed a Strategic Road-map that included an analysis of best and worst performing products in specified categories. We removed slow selling inventory and refocused marketing efforts from individual consumers to capitalizing on long-term relationships with alternative medical professionals on and offline. We oversaw upgrades to all marketing collateral and website to reflect new changes. Finally, we worked with client to establish a Director of Communications position for an underutilized but talented family member.

Results: This 30 year old company is now regularly shattering year over year sales records.

Life Flow & Deal Flow

Client: Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur

Project Objective:  Create "flow," peace of mind and prosperity.  Increase multi-million dollar deal flow, find funding for residential portfolio acquisitions, re-launch two different companies (one traditional another online) and write a book

Start to Result Time: 9 Months

Solution: After meeting with client and gaining deep clarity into why her goals were important, we visualized the realization of her bigger goal. Then we identified 6 large initiatives and the milestones to achieving each. I provided ongoing mindset coaching, research support, negotiated various supplier arrangements, and even scouted out of town properties for her portfolio.

Results: This Investor/Entrepreneur has accomplished nearly all of the initiatives we originally outlined. She, has greater and higher quality deal flow than we imagined and funding for all of her deals regardless of size. She has successfully relaunched the traditional company and now has the funds and technical support to launch the online company. Her book is still in progress.

A Beautiful Exit

Client: Married Retired Entrepreneurs

Project Objective: Sell outdated, inherited residence; move from Arizona to Florida to spend time with adult children and grand children, and create additional passive income to fund lifestyle

Start to Result Time: 2 Months

Solution: After meeting with clients and gaining deep clarity into what their assets and goals where, I presented the clients with 3 different approaches for reaching their goals. I facilitated the sale of their home for a fair price within a week, then assisted the clients in identifying and funding a collateralized investment at a fixed and significantly higher rate than the stock market for long-term passive income with the proceeds.

Results: The couple achieved their goals and are now happily relocated in Florida where they are able to enjoy the beach and spend time close to their children and grand children.