Strategic Support for Social Innovators & Exponential Technology Firms


•Social Innovators
•Artificial Intelligence
•Internet of Things
•Digital Biology
•Autonomous Vehicle
•Renewable Energy

Strategic Support Services

•Strategic and tactical planning
• Go-to-Market Strategy
•Integrated Marketing Strategy
•Digital Advertising
•Funnel Creation
•Public Relations
•Crisis Management
•Event Marketing
•Board Participation
•Import/Export Support
•Travel for global due diligence
•Project and initiative management

The Team

Our team consist of writers, artist, poets, storytellers, designers, technologist, programmers and creatives who also have a passion for marketing and solution architecture. Each member is a non-traditional thinker that specializes in making the impossible possible.

WHY...Does Tucker Strategic Exist?

WHY...Does Tucker Strategic Exist?

Tucker Strategic exist for one purpose; To ensure social innovators & exponential technologist with a passion for changing the world take moonshots and win.

Writing the emergent future is not a task for the faint of heart. It is not easy. It is hard. It requires commitment, sacrifice, and courage in the most uncommon hours. It requires imagination, passion, perseverance, purpose and most importantly LOVE.

That's right, LOVE. Only LOVE has the power to drive one to create solutions that improve the quality of lives.

Only LOVE allows visionary leaders to see and hold a vision of a massively transformational proportion.

Only LOVE gives one the power to press onward after temporary defeats, doubts, and sometimes the threat of loosing it all.

LOVE, along with imagination, passion, perseverance, purpose and ultimately results is what we bring to social innovators and exponential technology companies.

We are creators; writers, artist, poets, storytellers and designers who happen to be the best at what we do in marketing. We bring feeling and creative solutions to your corner of technology so your clients can attune, connect, trust and ultimately do business with you.

Our work is as unconventional as you. It is as unconventional as putting a man on the moon, eradicating polio, or creating a car that drives by itself.

We whole-heatedly believe the insightful words of the "unconventional" Steve Jobs still ring true today.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

If you are this kind of crazy, we salute you. We are the marketing co-creators you have been waiting for.

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